Now I’ve never been one to love camping.  At least not as I have gotten older.  But I find more and more that I have a general wanting to go out and get back to nature on occasion.  Which lead to a most interesting find the other day while doing a random Google search for tent trailers.  I grew up camping in a regular travel trailer, and man those are great.  But seeing how I will never be able to afford a real trailer, let alone the huge truck that you need to haul one, I was thinking to myself that a tent trailer might be the perfect size for my modest SUV to be able to tow.

That is when I came across the Jumping Jack Tent Trailer. And man does this thing just look sweet.  It is perfect because it is light, and easy to set up.  You can store it in your garage, and it sleeps up to 6 people.  You can haul all your toys on it as well. You can use it as a utility trailer!  No more asking friends to borrow their trucks to go to the dump!  Did I mention this thing is sweet?  Heck, I’m in love and I haven’t even seen one up close yet.  Upon doing some more web searching I did come across a retail price of around $5400 dollars.  After I caught my breath a bit I really didn’t think that was all that out of line.  About the only drawback I see on this is the accessories.  They nickel and dime you for things like a spare tire and propane holder.  I can understand some of the accessories like a tent awning and a lantern holder being extra, but a spare tire should be included for that kind of scratch.

All in all, this item is perfect for the outdoors man type.  Perfect for dry camping out in the woods when you are on location doing big deer hunting.  My thought would be it is perfect for the couple (or family) that wants to get away, but doesn’t mind leaving their campsite to go grab some food.   It would be perfect for camping at a coastal location for that alone. 

In my opinion this  is the perfect answer for people that don’t want to take the time or cost into getting into camping.  It’s self contained, sets up in five minutes, and gives you a roof over your head.  You pack a cooler and an Coleman stove and you are pretty much set.