As they so slickly put on their site… “The Boombox is back baby!!!”  While you may not be cutting out the card-board, rolling up your jeans and scissor kicking your way to loose change on the street corner with these sweet little music monsters.  You will absolutely get bonus points for style if you whip one out the next time your life deserves a bitchen soundtrack.  Here’s a cool little video we put together to show you an up-close and personal view of our new best friend… the Squinty Pink BB1 (forty bones). Skully Boom!!!


Breakin it down… this little speaker is actually pretty badass!  Granted, if Eggshell walked into the office with one of the clipped to his suspenders Paystee would straight-up shank his ass.  But… if you’re hoping to cute up your lifestyle, these mini-boomboxes are seriously kick-ass!  Good sound, strong body for knockin around (no really, we treated this about as rugged and badly as we would normally… and it came out the other end as happy and monsterous as before) and style style style are what takes this up a notch.  Toss in the fun mobile side of it, clip on the back for easy attachment and a very cool retractable cord for connecting (included) and you are rocking n’ walking right out of the box.

Rock your look as well as your soundtrack with the BB1!  Here’s a bit from the dope cats that put these together:

The Boombox is back! The BB1 is a portable amplified speaker system that works with any audio device. The BB1 allows audio fanatics to enjoy their tunes on the go in a package that sounds as amazing as it looks.

  • – high fidelity speakers that KICK
  • – built-in amplifier
  • – lithium-ion battery
  • – ruggedized housing
  • – belt clip
  • – extreme sex appeal
Power3W rated/5W Max
IndicatorRGB LED
BatteryRechargable Lithium-ion 900 mAh
Run Time4 hours @ full volume
Charge Time<1 hr
Charge inputMini USB (cable included)
Audio Input1/8″ Headphone jack (female)
Audio Cable3 foot retractable male-to-male

Will BB1/BB2 work with my device?
Any device that has a 1/8” inch standard headphone jack will be compatible with the BB1 including iPod, iPhone, MP3/MP4, laptops, CD Players, and pretty much all mobile devices.

The BB2 features a wireless bluetooth interface that will allow you to link it with most phones and mobile devices.

Do you accept returns?
We accept returns within 90 days from the date of purchase with a full refund. No questions asked except “How could you NOT like it?”

How soon will my order arrive?
We ship USPS Priority for both domestic and international orders. Domestic shipments take approximately 2-3 days and international takes about one week.

What happens if my speaker breaks?
The BB1 is covered by a NO MATTER WHAT one-year warranty. To warranty your speaker, visit Typical turnaround time is one week.

How do I charge my speaker?
The BB1 includes a USB charging cable so that you can hook it up to your computer and charge it. Charging takes approximately 45 minutes and will last approximately 4 hours.

How loud is it?
The BB1 is the loudest portable speaker for its size on the market. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the audio performance, we will find him a new home.