Originally Posted July 20th, 2010 (on our 2nd day!!!)

I want to come right out of the box saying that the lack of cases, protective covers, etc for the iPhone4… the best-selling phone in the history of the world… sucks incredibly bad.  I mean, seriously incredibly freakin bad!

The nice people at Wrapsol were eager to send me a protective cover for both the iPhone4 & iPad (I don’t have the iPad yet if anybody is offering).  Initial packaging & quick view of the instructions (as well as an online video tutorial) is both simple and pleasant to the eye, and every supply you could possibly need is inside the box.  My happiness towards this product ends there.

For starters, the wonderful yellow cloth that comes with the kit… while in the first couple of wipes does in fact clean the phone quite thoroughly… is actually the cause of lint and fibers getting underneath the film after the first side is placed on (which causes me to STRONGLY recommend applying the front of the phone first).  Next, there are a ridiculous amount of little bubbles all over the damn thing after applying.  The instruction (and horribly filmed how-to video) state that they’ll magically disappear after 24 hours so I’ll have to update you on that.  Speaking of horribly filmed How-To video… you have to watch this, and wonder what now-fired marketing guy thought this was okay? – http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid27613085001?bctid=107230989001

All-in-all… I would have been pissed if I dropped $30 for this iPhone4 “drop+scratch protection” covering.  Makes my phone feel “ridgy” and sharp… had to be put on in a super clean environment without ANY floating hair, dust, lint, etc… and over-all just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

On the good side, there’s not a lot to choose from, so they have you there.  It doesn’t interfere with any kind of touch-screen sensitivity.  It doesn’t block any important holes (insert stupid giggle for perverts here).  It does make the phone more tactile so it doesn’t slide all over the f*ing place like before.

My ratings*:

7 10 out of 10 on the “Go Piss Off” scale

2 0 out of 10 on the “My Money is Worth it” scale

My final answer – Pass! PASS!!!!

*1 being the bottom… 10 being the top… if you had to read this for clarification you’re a damn moron!

UPDATE: All of the little bubbles did disappear, except for the ones with microscopic grains of yellow cleaning rag lint which are forever under my protective film.  Also, since i keep my phone in my pocket instead of hip-side like a damn wanna-be cowboy, the wrapsol is also very good at picking up all of the lint buried deep within the recessed of my pocket.  proudly displaying it around the edges of my phone like a pathetic mink wrap.  After a few measly hours the fuzz is already starting to push its way underneath the film… and I can tell it will, in a very short time, push it back enough to peel off completely.  Yup, $30 would have seriously pissed me off!

UPDATE #2: It happened, not even a week later the back cover just came off in my pocket.  It either had a small amount of lint or dust that worked its way under it, or it just sucks, but the back covering came off.  So I guess it’s simply a matter of time before the entire thing comes off.  WASTE OF MONEY!!!