Warning.. May contain spoilers.. So yeah, “The Other Guys”.  Where to begin?

This movie did have some really funny moments. Wahlberg was as funny as I thought he would be, even as the straight man in the comedic equation.  Was it the funniest movie I have ever seen?  Not by a mile.  My viewing partner and I both said to each other as we left, “Still looking for that gut busting comedy this year.”  This movie wasn’t it.  I will give some kudos to Eva Mendes for a great performance playing Ferrell’s wife in the film.  And some of the funnier parts were their interactions with each other.   I wouldn’t run out to see it, but again if you are looking for something and Step Up 3D is sold out you should see it.  (That’s a joke, in case you were wondering)

It might have been my experience at the theater that tainted the film for me.  I was surrounded by the annoying laugher guy.  (Sounds like a Adam Sandler skit)  Look, I know people can’t help how they laugh no more than they can help how their shit smells.  But I had one on my right and behind me.  So, in between getting kicked in the back of the head and the guy beside me having a seizure  every time something was remotely funny, it was hard to concentrate. But I digress.

On a side note, the preview for JackAss 3D looked to be funny.  Those guys are straight crazy.   Also saw another preview for the Facebook movie that is coming out in a few months.  From the previews, that looks like a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing.