Be it on the big screen, network TV or some lame cable series… we’ve seen the Buddy-cop thing done TO DEATH!!!  So when we hear of a new movie coming out with two friends who are also cops and come up against a huge life-threatening hurdle, we hear blah blah blah blah blah blah bang… blood… dead.

Unless… the two cops are played by Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, then some interest arises.  I mean its “2 Guys a girl and a Pizza Parlor” teamed up with that wuss from “Alias” turned bad-ass action star.  Sweet right?  Well, here is an article we dug up through The Hollywood Reporter talking in a little more detail about the goods (the phrase “Lethal Weapon is used):

You gotta love how much a movie can change before we even see it. Five years ago, there was an action project brewing in Hollywood called Blowback, created by Andrew Panay (Wedding Crashers) and Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air). Focusing on two cops, the film had already grabbed Dwayne Johnson, who was just beginning to put his wrasslin’ days behind him, and act in films like Be Cool, Doom, and Southland Tales.

Half a decade later, Johnson has moved on, the project is once again picking up steam, but it’s not being led by a beefy ex-wrestler. Now the names behind the action fest are none other than Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper.

THR’s Risky Business
reports that the actors will star in this now-untitled film, which centers on two San Francisco cops and friends whose dads were once partners on the force. “The older generation is forced out of retirement to help their sons crack a case, with typically antagonistic results.” Yep, cops are all the rage these days.

While not linked to Lethal Weapon, the project is said to be that kind of “edgier” R-rated film, so we’re not talking a blissful ridiculous fest like The Other Guys. Turner’s involvement bodes well for the idea, though one has to wonder how this feature has morphed over the years. An action flick who grabs The Rock five years ago is not the same sort of film that grabs Reynolds and Cooper today.

But really, this film will be as good as the dads who come back to the job to help out. With that whole San Francisco thing, it’s easy to imagine or hope that one Dirty Harry pops in, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

We’re down… what do you think?