While it is unbelievably wonderful to think about snow-covered mountain tops right now… it’s true that we are still 3-4 months away from a quality snow season. “So why in God’s name are you freakin torturing us with this post WhiteGlossy” you ask?  Well, because Burton (the snow gods) are throwing down some serious pre-season bounty for us to see… and who are we to deny you wonderful people?  Plus their bad-ass dream machine the Vapor Snowboard ($1,200) will set you back a few clams, and we want to give you ample time for saving up.  Yes, half of the snow bunnies within 10 miles of you just got wet from you simply reading this post… imagine the fun if you screamed by them ON one!!!!!  Here’s how Burton describes the board:

Setting a standard the competition can’t even fathom, the Vapor™ is so polished and refined that riding it brings the best out of anyone who gets on it. Simply put, you dream it, this board does it. Featherweight for effortless flow and instant action, this year’s edition gets even lighter (and tighter) with the addition of the Slimrail, along with the high styling of Paul Smith. At the team’s request, we also evolved the shape for greater freestyle versatility no matter which way you point it.

Here is where you can get ridiculous video of it in action.

You MUST go to their site and read about the technology and amazing time/energy put into these boards.  I was pleasantly surprised.  check it out HERE