Sir Dane Cook…Let’s do this..I’m a cashew.

Few comedians give you such good fodder (there’s one you don’t see everyday right?) than Mr. Dane Cook.  He’s a little bit brash, a little bit bold, and a whole hella gut busting, pee in your pants, punch the fat guy sitting next to you on the bus, hilarious!

You’ve seen his movies, you’ve heard his tracks, you may have caught him live once or twice (we have, so suck on it!).  Well now you can relive all the greatness (F*ck Bees!) that is Dane Cook.  His greatest hits album dropped today.  I Did My Best is available on today for $3.99 for digital download.  Don’t go to Starbucks, Screw the BK Lounge for lunch, immediately hit Buy Mp3 Album with 1-Click now.

SUFI Beeeeeeeeeeatchs!

Oh yeah and…”Someone Shit on the Coats!”