If there is one thing in life that we all can’t help but look at (other than mass pile-ups on the freeway), it’s a Rock Star.  And who would know this better than the wickedly rockin people at Spin Magazine!  In a very interesting and extremely cool post to their website, Spin has decided to give us an up-close-and-personal peep at some of Rocks current leaders in their “Up Close with Rock’s Coolest Stars“.  Here is a fun little photo montage giving you a sneak peek of their line-up… as well as an explanation of their series, straight from the mouths of SPIN.  Enjoy!:

Why does writing music make Fiona Apple think of going to the bathroom? How did Pearl Jam inspire Julian Casablancas to pick up a mic? What pissed off Karen O so much that she felt compelled to form the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

In his new book and documentary, Music, Andrew Zuckerman gets some of rock’s most interesting stars to write long-form essays about their creative process, their earliest musical memories, and why rock ‘n’ roll is more important than ever.

The book (out November 1 from Abrams) is illustrated with striking photos of everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Sinéad O’Connor to Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

“My intention is to create a neutral playing field,” says Zuckerman. “No one’s photographed in a mansion or on a stage. There’s no environment. I’m interested in the essential portrait.” Click through to see a selection of images from the book and head here to see the trailer for the movie.

(Pictured above: Julian Casablancas, Fiona Apple, Jim James, Karen O — clockwise from top left)