Being a WGUBer, there is no way you’re too lazy to play with your own pet.  We absolutely forbid that kind of inhumane sloth-like inaction.  however, if you know of someone else that is the epitome of a useless waste of oxygen… but has a precious little animal friend not quite getting enough attention, the we have the perfect item for you your friend.  The Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy ($30).  Described as 360 of pewpewpew (sidenote – hahahahaha!)… here are a few of the bullet points from out friends at, spreading love through lasers:

Since we’ve already given our children handheld video game systems for self-amusement, we now turn to the automagical entertainment of our pets. After all, with all the damage we’re doing to our median nerve typing on a computer all day, the last thing we need to do is pick up a laser pointer and twirl our wrist about. Ouch! Clearly, the gods invented technology so we could sit on our butts and be lazy and let technology amuse our little ones, furry or otherwise.

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy

The Dart is an automatic rotating laser light that will delight the feline or canine in your life. And if we’re being honest (scout’s honor!) it’s pretty amusing for people, too. Place Dart on a level and stable surface (oh hai, floor!), turn it on and watch the chase begin! Variable speeds and timer settings offer 16 exciting play combinations. Our personal favorite is using it to distract the kitties when the humans are going to bed. By the time the timer shuts off the Dart, all the humans are snuggled in bed and asleep behind closed doors. Do we miss the snuggles? Yes. Do we miss pointy paws between our ribs and being meowed in the face at 5 am? Not so much.

Product Specifications

  • Automatic rotating laser light for hours of pet amusement
  • Exercises and entertains – great for fat cats and chubby pups
  • Variable speed settings, from tortoise to kitten-high-on-‘nip
  • Adjustable timer saves battery life by shutting Dart off automatically after 10, 15, or 20 minutes
  • 16 exciting play combinations keeps pets on their paw pads!
  • 360 degree laser patterns for round and round excitement