As a spunky friend to the White Glossy Underground Board mentioned today, Showtime’s Emmy Award Winning “Dexter” is back for a new season in just three days.  Absolutely one of the most awesomely twisted shows to grace the small screen, probably ever, our buddy Dex has captivated thousands for several seasons already.  And, much to the surprise of many, the show actually seems to get better every year!!!  You’d think… how much can we really watch about a serial killer’s serial killer?  But you’d be surprised.  (early seasons are on Netflix streaming for free if you need to catch up… I suggest a Dexterathon)

[brightcove vid=207499896001&exp3=29474209001&surl=,AAAAAAAA9pg%2E,GnOHJwU2r3sFsJRSf1bvZ_iPYmWg8io0&w=486&h=412]

You have 3 days!!!  It’s not too late to subscribe!!!