If we had to sit down and think of Hollywood’s 2 biggest actors… while it would take some time, we would most likely agree upon Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.  Both are incredibly talented… kick ass in a way only they can… and burn up the screen with sex appeal.  Amazingly these two haven’t been in a movie yet.  Until now!

The Tourist” takes all of the awesomeness that one big screen can handle and makes it happen!   The big boys at Yahoo were able to snatch up the exclusive trailer.. and we have it here (Sadly this is just a picture with link… Yahoo! doesn’t share nicely): We’re so damn giddy about this trailer that we’re going to just show you what Yahoo! Movies had to say and go watch it again.  Can we buy our tickets now?

As you can see, the flick clearly draws from the likes of “Thomas Crown Affair,” “Charade” and some of Hitchcock’s lighter fare. Depp is Frank, an American tourist who can’t quite believe his luck when he’s approached by a beautiful Brit named Elise (Jolie). But what starts as a dream fling along the Grand Canal of Venice soon turns into a nightmare when gangsters, spies and other heavily-armed baddies mistake Frank for a much wanted criminal named Alexander Beards. Did Elise really set Frank up? It’s hard to tell until the movie hits the silver screen later this year, but one thing is clear from the trailer: The two stars ooze chemistry.

It’s surprising then to learn that Depp and Jolie never met prior to production. That’s what director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (yes, that is his real name) revealed in an interview with MTV.com.

“Through all the years that they’ve been king and queen of Hollywood, they had never actually physically met, so I was the first person to ever bring them together.”

Henckel von Donnersmarck — who previously directed “The Lives of Others,” one of Yahoo! Movies Modern Classics — also talked about working with another star of “The Tourist” — the city of Venice.

“When Angie and I first talked about it, we said, ‘Let’s really make Venice a character. Let’s have it be about Johnny’s character, about her character, but also about Venice. Let’s really shoot it there.’ Luckily, our producer was game for this, Graham King, so before we knew it, we were all in Venice and lived there for half a year, and in some of the most fantastic places along the Grand Canal, and I never set foot in a car or a truck for half a year.”

“The Tourist” opens December 10th.

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PS Yes, I meant to write “Two” instead of “Too” in the title… it’s called word-play.