(Cough…Cough…Clearing Throat..)


If you grew up in the 80’s, are male, and like guns, you probably have a small corner of your heart (mine is in the left ventricle) carved out with mucho love for the movie Red Dawn.   Well, now Hollywood has done it again and has remade this movie.   And before we yell “Blasphemy!!!” at MGM for even thinking this movie needed remade, we will at least do our due diligence and report on it.  But just know this, we reserve the right to stone any MGM executive if this movie sucks.

The movie, was actually slated to be released in 2010, but due to financial troubles at MGM last year, it was pushed into this year.   The movie stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Star Trek), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Wonder Woman), and Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are Alright).   The movie was directed by Dan Bradley who has worked on such films as the Spiderman Trilogy and Bourne Trilogy.

The movie differs from the original as it has the Chinese invading the United States this time instead of the Cuba and the USSR.   We don’t care who it is, we just hope the new cast can help save their small town until the US forces can mount a comeback.

No release date is set as of yet, and with MGM’s ongoing money woes, this movie could get pushed back to 2012.  But the movie is done and just needs to be promoted.  We think it will probably hit the theaters this summer.  If it can find a slot between the slew of super hero movies that are coming out around the same time it might be worth checking out.