That’s right… not “A” Clicker, “Some” Clicker or “That” Clicker… today we are talking about THE Clicker ($25)!  The Clicker that all other remotes could only strive to be great like!  Some remotes have style, others substance, and some more technology than the TV it controls… however, when it comes to all around awesomeness The Clicker has them all beat!  How you ask?  Does it control  several devices?  yup… up to 8.  Are the buttons back-lit for easy night-time operations?  Uhh… yeah.  Then what makes it one of the best devices you could ever hope to have adorning your man-cave?  It has… are you ready for it?  A bottle opener built-in!!!!

A bottle opener people!!!  how siiick is that?  Simply click away at the channels and pull a beer out of your mini-fridge for opening at the same time… all while keeping your lazy ass comfortably planted in your giant recliner.  Dude, can we all say a little amen for ingenuity!  It’s freakin brilliant.  Side-note: Yes, this can be jotted down in your book of “Why the hell didn’t I think of that”. 

No more fumbling around in your misc. crap kitchen utensil drawer to find your bottle opener friends… it will always be safe and sound right where it should be… in the middle of your living room.  Hazzah!!

So how was this device originally conceived?  I’m sure it will come as no surprise… but TV & beer was involved.  Here is David Dignam’s story straight from their site:

As with any good idea, the Clicker was inspired by hanging out with friends and drinking a few beers… in Wisconsin. David Dignam, the inventor of the Clicker, was traveling back home to New York from a long Thanksgiving weekend hanging with the guys in a small town in western Wisconsin (hometown to one of the guys). The idea hit him, “why not combine a universal remote control and bottle opener, and have one less thing to have to look for in your own home”. Thus, the Clicker was born, the ideal union of two of the most important items in the home: the remote control and bottle opener (for some people).

In reality, the story begins several miles from Wisconsin in Kenmare, Ireland. David was raised on a farm in the small town of Kenmare in Ireland, and he has always been fascinated with design and building. He went on to pursue his passion by studying Civil Engineering at University College Dublin. David then moved to New York, appropriate for someone fascinated with structural design. He eventually started his own construction company, working closely with clients who wanted to be involved in the design of their homes and businesses. His technical expertise as a contractor and engineer has given him an eye for simplicity and functional user-centric design in all areas of life, from architecture to remote controls.

After his inspirational moment in Wisconsin for the remote and bottle opener mash-up, David invested a lot of time and money developing the Clicker over several years, researching and tinkering with prototypes to find the optimum blend of form and function. David wanted the product to be both functional and efficiently designed, not a low quality gimmick. His efforts paid off, and the Clicker was created for all the world to enjoy. David lives in New York with his wife and son.