Among all the blu-rays out this week, this is what matters to us.

Clash of the Titans:  If you didn’t see this in the theater, I would recommend getting this at least from Netflix.  I don’t really think it is worth buying to be honest.  To me, it came off a little cheesy.  What it really reminded me of was The Scorpion King starring Duane “The Rock” Johnson.  Enough said.  You can see the original on Netflix instant streaming, which is good for a few good laughs.

Repo Men:  Starring Jude Law.  In a plot about a couple of guys who go and repo organs.  But in an unseen plot twist, Jude Law must run from the company that he used to represent.  With all that drama and originality, it earns a spot at 285 in my Netflix queue. 

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:  Great movie from back in the day.  I’ve seen it a few times, and I still don’t know what it is really about.  If you are a fan of the genre, I’d say grab it.  If not, this should never grace your blu ray player.

Rambo Extended Cut:  As if you needed to push more out of an exhausted movie franchise, here is some more bad acting.  I’ve never seen any of these movies, don’t plan on it in the near future. 

G.I. Joe the Movie:  No, it’s not that lame Damon Waynes/Tatum Channing load of crap.  This is a cartoon variety.  Which makes it worth seeing for nostalgic reasons. 

21 Jump street: The Complete Series:  This is actually out only on DVD, but worth mentioning. Loved this show when it first came out.  Can still sing the theme song.  A show that put FOX network on the map, as well as Johnny Depp.  Without it, Tim Burton might not have a career.  And spawned D-bag Richard Grieco.

NBA Championships: 2009-2010:  For the true NBA fan, watch the Lakers take out the rival Celtics.