Are you a Mac owner and have always been jealous of your friends wicked trackpad abilities with his MacBook Pro?  No?  Then why the hell are you reading this?!

If you said yes, well now you can proudly tell your friend to go stuff his MacBook Pro somewhere dark and moist.  Although if they really are your friend I would hope you say something nicer like “Hey Buddy, look at this super cool thing.  Which you could of course borrow if you ever need it.  By the way, how’s your wife and my kids?”

Back to the point: Swipe, Pinch, Expand & Gesture your way to eternal glory with the newly released (As in just today) Apple Magic Trackpad ($69). if you don’t have a Mac… sucks for you.  If you do… then quit being such a pretentious prick.  If you don’t have either… get with the times Grandpa (and how are you reading this?)

Final Word: I want one!!!  Don’t hate!