Maker’s 46 calmly replies…. “What.”

Alright people… we all enjoy that nice goose-bump inducing, relaxing drink after a long day/week/month/year/bad marriage.  And we all want something that we can keep in our liquor “collection” that’s not in a plastic bottle or completely embarrassing to pull out for the seasoned pros (and refilling that 15-year-old bottle of Patron Platinum with Piggly Wiggly moonshine doesn’t work anymore my friend!).

Well, your prayers have been answered. ( Is using “prayers” in reference to something you will likely get completely wasted drinking the right way to bring this together?)  Ah crap, who the hells cares.

Maker’s 46 Bourbon whiskey has got to be, hands down, one of the best damn whiskeys ever created!  ALL TIME FAVS!!!  I’ve peeled the red melted wax off a many o’ bottles of the original Maker’s Mark… and it continues to be at the top of my drink list.  But then our friends (and I say friends because god knows I’ve spilled my soul to this bottle many a nights) at Maker”s had to up their damn game and pour a little heaven into the bottle too.

The process behind making each and every bottle of Maker’s 46 is pretty f*ing ridiculous… and of course by “ridiculous” I mean ridiculously awesome!!!  And a process I hope to all that is holy I never figure out how to do myself.  That is unless you want every post to look more like… blah bakad;fasdf;siha BOOBS paosbH Sfdg PORN!

Thought not.  Don’t want to drop the 46-ish clams you’ll need to whisk away to never-never-land?  Next time you’re at the bar, skip Fast Eddie’s Crazy Cool-Aid and order a Maker’s & diet.  Next, take that gold-rush playing tricks with your taste-buds and triple the awesomeness!  Don’t believe me?  then go f**k yourself… and get your own blog!

Otherwise… enjoy!