Now it might just be the location of where I have drank the majority of this rum, but seriously this stuff is in a whole other class in our opinion.  Straight from the beautiful island of Maui, I give you, Haleakala Distillers.  I have personally had a few bottles of this in my vacation travels to the islands, and let me tell you this rum really knocks the socks off of a lot of other rums out there.   It has won many awards and has a flavor profile that is full of vanilla & molasses.  I’ve had it in a few cocktails but this rum really shines in a simple Rum and Coke.  But has the teeth to stand up in a Mai Tai or Mojito  And at 20 dollars a bottle, the price point is just about perfect.  Paired with some BBQ’d pork, this would actually work well in a home made marinade as well.

What we really love about this rum is its micro brewed flair to it.  Meaning it is a small time place that markets to the islands and that is the primary place you can buy it.  It is in a lot of local stores & restaurants, on the islands.  As well as through a distributor in the continuous 48.

So the next time you are in Hawaii and you are near one of the ever popular ABC stores.  Stop in and pick up a bottle of this or two.   It will make those Hawaiian sunsets even that much more special.