When was the last time you’ve really considered the importance of steak? No, seriously considered it?

If I can name one ingredient that is consistent with every meal of the day… steak is top-of-mind! Restaurants are wrapped entirely around the concept of steak. Entire meals are planned and choreographed around the preparation of steak. When having guests over to the house for dinner, contemplation lies heaviest on the type of steak. The lightest of meals… The salad… is made perfect (and a little manly) with the easy addition of steak. People get excited over a perfectly cut and prepared steak.
My point… Steak may quite possibly be perfect. How many salad joints have we all seen open and close time and again? But how long has that timeless steak place been around?  Cannibalistic as it may be… this carnivore goes steak every time!!!  Survival of the fittest, and that damn cow was asking for it!