So…. did you notice something different while waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru this morning?  Maybe something missing?  If you’re like me, you get off of your lazy fat-ass and walk in… ordering one of the same 2-3 options you usually get and don’t even pay attention to the menu anymore. However, For the masses out there still finding their coffee groove there is a missing option on the drive-thru.  Starbucks has lifted the “tall” option (that’s coffee talk for “small”) from the menu.

Of course the internet boards have been buzzing with claims of trickery and underhandedness for which Starbucks has quickly replied “We are not being sneaky,” spokeswoman Deb Trevino told USA Today. “We did it because our customers were frustrated with the difficulty of reading our drive-through menus.”

I tend to lean on the side of Starbucks… not just because I’m biased by their liquid awesomeness… but because their drive-thru menu does look much easier to read.  And I’m tiiiirrrreeeeddd of their competition (which is now half of the fast food places, music stores & breakfast shops) talking crap to try and get an angle.  Man up you freakin b!tches and take on the world with your own merit!!!  Quit riding the two-legged mermaid’s coat-tails.  Sidenote… can a mermaid wear coat-tails?

Now if you didn’t see a difference it’s because they’ve only altered about 1/3 of the nation’s Starbies thus far… but expect to see changes coming soon.  It is important to note that you, of course, can still order a tall size coffee through the drive-thru window… you just have to ask for it.