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Yeah, we know we spent most of yesterday going down on Steve Jobs and Apple, but like all fickle media (did we just call ourselves media?) we are wishy-washy and must bring you all the information out there. 

With that, news today of Google approaching music labels about a download and digital song locker service that would allow mobile users to access their playlists from anywhere the net takes them.  Google would like to have this service up and running by Christmas, which means this is more than in the infant stages.   Surely this comes as good thing to record labels who would like to partner with Google’s name and brand to help further push their artists as well as give competition to Apple’s stranglehold over digital pricing and music format. 

Google has a tough road to hoe if they are to be successful. launched it’s only MP3 store (which we prefer over iTunes) in 2007, yet only holds 12 percent of the digital download market place.  Will there be room for one more heavyweight?  If anyone has the chops it is Google. 

This forray will just strengthen the sides between the Iphone and Android users, as both sides are terribly loyal to their products.  We will keep you posted as this develops.