Announced today, effective tomorrow 02/10/11, AT&T will offer unlimited calling to any mobile number, on any network.   Sounds like someone is trying to hold onto customers.

AT&T customers already enjoy free mobile to mobile with all other AT&T customers, but this opens the door to every mobile carrier in the US.  But there are a few catches this as  it is only free on domestic US calls only. Also, Mobile to Any Mobile will be available to “new and existing AT&T customers with a qualifying voice plan who subscribe to unlimited messaging plans.” That’s $20 per month for individual unlimited messaging and $30 per month for a FamilyTalk Plan.

It is probably official that you will never go over your minutes again.  Assuming you don’t already have a couple thousand saved up in rollover minutes like yours truly.  The good news is you could potentially save money by lowering your plan to the lowest minute plan.  Which is always a good thing.