We’ve written now-and-then about different audio docks, amplifiers & sound systems we’ve had the pleasure of either owning  or trying out.  Some your fairly basic systems… some a bit more advanced, but I think this will take the proverbial cake with total WTF did you say!

KMKG Studio’s iTree ($ no clue) takes a superior audio device (iPod/iPhone) and hooks it up to a log.  No seriously… a log.  That’s right, and they are calling it:

A hi-end docking station.  A tree which has been hollowed out with a special technique to create a high quality HiFi sound.

I have to say… at first I was like “Whaaaaat????”, but the more I look at it… the more I kinda like it.  I can totally see this thing hanging from the rafters at many web-design and/or outdoors-man companies all over the nation.  In fact… I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before they have a miniature fire-log-sized version of this hitting main-street USA soon.