If you are reading this post then 1 of 2 things happened over the weekend:

1 – The Rapture really did happen and we’re floating gloriously above your heads right now as the angelic beings you all know us to be.  Basking in the loving glow of purity and the innocence of abounding love.

2 – I got completely wasted at the Rapture Day after-party and am still lying in an alley over in “that” part of town, with an empty bottle of The Kraken as my only true friend.  Paystee’s Liver saw the light at the end of the tunnel and got the hell out before any more serious damage could be done (often mistaken for a black market organ heist).  Eggshell “Hulked Out” half way into that 6th shot of (insert my entire f’ing liquor cabinet here… douche) and killed Mikey the homeless guy who lives behind our offices… then stole my car and disappeared.  Regardless, we Raptured the shit out of my booze collection!

One of those things.  But more than likely the 2nd one.