You might have caught these cats on SNL on 12/04/10.  No?  Well have no fear, their new album ‘Last Train to Paris’ will be released on 12/14/10.  The group, which is the brain child of Sean “Puffy” Combs.   Other band members include  Dawn Richard and Kalenna.  Dawn Richard was member of Combs’ group “Danity Kane” while Kalenna is a singer songwriter that has worked with Danity Kane, Jill Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Timbaland and multi-platinum producer Rodney Jerkins.

If  the two tracks they performed on SNL are any indication, this might be some of Diddy’s finest work ever.  I am currently grooving to “Coming Home” (featuring Skylar Grey) which is the album’s first single.  It is very uplifting and can put your day on the right track each time you hear it.  If this song is a preview of the rest of the album, then by all means I think this one will be special.  No offense to Kanye, but we think that some of the experts may have spoken too soon for the best album of the year.  

If you want to check out the SNL performance of ‘Coming Home’ check the video below.  You can preroder the album from Itunes or Amazon today!