It’s Friday and NOBODY feels like doing a damn thing today!  Even that asshole Carl in accounting is playing solitaire on his computer (dick).  Needless to say we’ve been trolling the internet for the latest and greatest and found a couple of bite-size morsels of everybody’s favorite Hollywood Crack.  So sit back, roll up that $5 in your wallet, and let’s do a couple of lines:

The Biggest Loser: For all of you chubby chasers out there that just can’t get enough of the fat-melting power which is The Biggest Loser… today is a sad, sad day for you.  Jillian Michaels, that crazy beeatch that turns mountains into finely chiseled works of beefy art, announced yesterday to all of her twitter fans that season 11 will be her last.  With her other show, workout videos, equipment and everything else… I think Jillian could easily sit back, eat a couple of thousand Oreos and see what life’s like on the other end of the weight scale.

Ke$ha: What do Ke$ha & Christina Aguilara have in common?  (Other than the whole singing thing)  Both of them recently had their computers hacked… losing some very private photos (of the nude kind).  All I can really say is… why Ke$ha?  Why not Katy Perry!?!?!  Or at least that Kardashian chick.

The Hasselhoffs: Did you like the awkward and uninteresting premiere  of Davie-Boys show about his family?  Well, #1 you have incredibly sucky taste in TV shows and #2 it’s been cancelled after only 2 episodes so your kinda screwed.  “Lost” is available on Netflix now… maybe you should try that show out instead.

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides: Ummmm… Penelope Cruz is in this movie.  Penelope Cruz.  Thank you.

Nudity: Oh… that got your attention did it!?!?  Well, when it comes to movies… few things get us a chubbulated as a little nip-slip here and there.  So when we ran across the all-knowing Mr. Skin’s Top 10 nude scenes of 2010… we absolutely had to check it out!  Out of journalistic curiosity of course.  You know… as professionals.  Check it out HERE