Disney recently announced that it will be releasing 12 titles this year in 3D.  Great news for all of you that can afford the 3D technology!  Among the titles announced is of course Tron: Legacy.  (our review)  Additional titles will include Tangled, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, G-Force and Chicken Little.  Also slated are The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.  Both of which will have to go through the 3D makeover since they were not shot in 3D originally.

In the last year, Disney  released Alice in Wonderland, Disney’s A Christmas Carol and Step Up 3.

The packs, which should retail for around $30 will come with the 3D version, a 2D version, a digital copy (word!), and of course the DVD copy.

As of right now, the only one you can pre-order from Amazon.com is Tangled (here), but we will keep you posted on more release dates.