For years I used to order my surfboards solid white.  My reason was pretty simple: why pay the extra money and have to wait longer for a board that was only going to last a few months anyways.

I still order my boards solid white, but started messing around with custom paint jobs after I got the board.  It’s fun, and a great way for the wife and kids to see you out in the water.  Before I did my first board, I googled “how to paint a surfboard” and really didn’t get any good tips.   So I asked my shaper – who is also an amazing artist – and he gladly shared with me what to do.  Based on his tips and my lessons learned, I offer this quick tutorial on how to customize a new surfboard:

1.     Start with a clean surface.  A brand new board helps, but if you want to spruce up an old board, make sure it is really clean.

2.     Pick a design and colors.  Since I have zero artistic abilities, I use PowerPoint to develop an idea in my head.

3.     Tape off the area you want to paint with painters tape.

4.     Spray lightly, and only add a second coat if you want the color darker.  The cheaper the spray paint the better, as it isn’t as thick and won’t make a hump on your board.

5.     Finish with two coats of an acrylic clear coat.  Lightly sand after each coat with a plastic pad.

Step 1 – The PowerPoint Concept

Step 2 – Taping Off The Rails

Step 3 – Taping Off the Design

Step 4 – Spray With a Blue

Step 5 – Pulling Off the Tape

Step 6 – Add a Second Color

Lastly – All you Need for the Job. Paint, Plastic Pad and Paint