Oh.  My.  God!!!  Could this week drag on any more!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!  I am so freakin bored I’m contemplating lighting my desktop on fire just to see if a Mac burns at the same color as a PC (a blueish-red FYI).  Thanks to our good buddy Michael on Facebook, we’ve been treated to a fun way for us all to kill a few hours or so and help make it through the next couple of days. I cool little website called: FaceinHole.com!

It is EXACTLY what is sounds like (again… pervs, simmer down)… you choose from billions of different faceless pictures (Hot men/women, art, cartoons, movie posters, etc.)… upload your photo and BAM, you’re famous.  Or at least your ugly mug is.  What is that?  Do they have an app for that!?  Hells yes they do… for the iPhone ($.99) AND for the iPad ($2.99)… glad you asked.

Will this site/app cure cancer?  Hell no.  Will it solve that little “issue” you have from time-to-time in the bedroom?  Sadly, no.  Will it keep you from shoving a trusty #2 pencil into your brain out of boredom?  Very likely!  And that good friends… is definitely worth $.99 of your hard-earned money.

I mostly feel sorry for the hundreds of Las Vegas Kiosk workers that have devoted their lives to putting your face in hundreds of countless pictures while you’re drunk and waiting for the next showing of Liberace Reincarnated.