I have a dream.  That one day we can all live in a world free from the inconvenient, archaic and soon to be obsolete wallet.  A world where credit cards will just be an app on your smart phone and society will shun those who use “a card” much like we shun anyone who writes a check at the grocery store.  I want to live in a world where when the police pull you over and say “license and registration” you simply hit your DMV app on your phone.  While the first phase of this utopia is beginning with Google Wallet, today we get a step closer with a hybrid version of a wallet free world brought to by the folks across the pond at Tuff-Luv.com.

Tuff-Luv has just introduced the In-Genius case for the Apple iPhone 4 & 4S.  This leather case holds the iPhone nicely while also providing two discrete pockets that are big enough to hold either bank cards or cash.  The case of course has cutaways that give you access to the iPhone’s camera and all controls and also offers a pull-tab function for instant access and a spare card/cash slot.

The Tuff-Luv In-Genius case for iPhone 4/4S is available in Saddleback or Napa leather and retails for about 25 pounds.  For us Yankees that’s about 40 bucks.  Don’t worry, Tuff-Luv will ship to the states for only an additional 5 dollars.