Okay WGUBers… the cutoff is NOON TODAY!!!  If you haven’t entered yet, what the hell have you been doing?  We’re talking about bad-ass luggage and the most comfortable things you will EVER PUT ON YOUR FEET!!!  Seriously… their f’ing AMAZBALLS!!!!!  go… now… enter… then let’s grab drinks, I’m thinking something with an umbrella to celebrate Summer.  But, ENTER FIRST!

Here’s our original post

Have a Facebook account?  (if you say no… I’m inserting a deep sigh of disbelief here)  Have a love of awesome footwear?  Have the need to dump that P.O.S. luggage for something stock full of badassery?

If you answered yes to anything I just said then we should totally go out after work and grab a beer.   Oh, and you should also most definitely go to this Siiiiiiiick contest and enter: