No, not the crazy movie about two urban gentlemen discovering the harsh realities of entrepreneurialism in today’s society. I’m talking about Fri-DAY… as in today… as in the last day of the week.

Friday is that awesome friend that you think of inviting first when throwing a party… but also the guy that will most likely break your new IKEA lamp and steal that smokin’ hot neighbor you finally got enough courage to invite over.

Friday is the guy who will volunteer first for the next beer run… but will also be the last bastard you have to try to kick out of your house when everybody is already gone.

Friday is the most amazing person you’ll ever know… for one night. The next morning Friday isn’t Friday anymore. He could be a little more fun and exciting… bending into a force of nature that only a 2-day hangover could cure, or Friday can turn into a whiny bitch with needs and a list of chores a mile long. Almost punishing you for even saying his name the night before.

Friday is a dream. A faint whisper of hope when his ass-hole cousin Monday comes around. He’s Thursday hot roommate… Wednesday’s Silver lining… and Tuesday’s last chance at a mere thought of excitement.

Friday is the Herculean saviour to that dick Carl in accounting, your crappy boss, that Douche-bag Steve or whoever else makes your professional life hell.

Friday, sweet Friday, he is THE MAN… or in this case.. THE DAY!!!! Hitting 5p on Friday is like driving for 4 hours and finally pulling into your driveway, while having to pee, and a sandwich with ice-cold beer is already made for you to devour.

TGIF good friends… Thank God For Friday indeed!