Hey Wikipedia!  Go F*ck Yourself!

After Whiteglossy spent numerous hours drawing up the best damn Wikipedia entry about your favorite website (TheWGUB.com), Wikipedia deleted the page not once, but twice!  Apparently they have yet to catch on to just how great we are.  But you have.  And that is all that really matters.  We are still going to fight the fight to get our Wikipedia page up.  Even if it involves protests, union meetings, a flash mob, peer pressure, and a case of Four Loko, we will get that page up!  Mostly because we want our fans to be able to help us create it and make it one of the funniest pages on Wikipedia. Below is a screen shot of our first attempt.  We hope you enjoy it!  But for now, Wikipedia can stick it where their poop comes from.  Click on the picture for a better view!