yeah… yeah, it’s not quite time for that yet, but do you really care?  It’s Wednesday Friday Thursday Who the frick cares… it’s time to not be at work anymore!!!!  We are starting our insane drunken festivities right about…. 2 hours ago, so we’re cutting out a bit early on all of our WGUB buddies.  It’s nothing personal… hell, I wish we could all get together and have a pint or two and a cocktail.

If you’re hosting the party, or maybe still looking considering what you’re going to throw down with this New Year, we suggest taking a peek at our tried and true offering under “Tasty Libations“.  We’ve done all of the drunken legwork to make sure your party rocks the hardest!

Other than that… we’ve taught you everything we know for having a great party.  *sniff…. tear* you’re all grown up now!!!!  Now get your ass out there and have the best damn New Year’s Eve EVER!!!!