Open THIS LINK… wait for it to load, then read.

On October 26th (you are correct… that date is not a coincidence!) you will be able to travel through space and time… from 1885 to 2015.  Wait, 2015… that’s in 5 years!!!  where the hell is my flying car?  And self lacing shoes?  And cool insta-pizza maker?  Whatever.

Not only am I a little too excited to watch Marty fire up the flux-capacitor for a mind-bending trot through space & time, I’m extra excited to do it in freakin BLU-RAY!!!  Hi-Def, young, Elisabeth Shue (in part 2 & 3… part 1 had some other random chic)!  ahhhhh snap!

Yes the extras will be bountiful… yes the action and music is timeless… hell yes you can pre-order it!  Are you ready to watch Michael J Fox invent skateboarding and spill manure in 3 different generations?  LET’S DO THIS!!!!!