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Today is Adam Sandler’s birthday (Stop looking at me swan!) so lets take a look at some of his movies!

The Waterboy:  “You Playing the Foosball behind my back?”  It’s got football in it, a nice romance story, and Sandler being stupid. 

Big Daddy:   Sandler takes a stab at being a single father.  What could go wrong with that? 

Little Nicky:  Satan’s son isn’t very bad ass at all is he.  Sandler plays the hero with zero as he rounds up his satanic brothers. 

The Longest Yard:  Another football movie, this one a remake of the classic.  Sandler does a great job as the title character.  This movie is loaded with great jokes.  Burt Reynolds isn’t half bad either.  We didn’t want to punch him in the face. 

Billy Madison:  Relive your school days (and your hot 4th grade teacher) with Sandler as he strives to earn his father’s company by finishing what he started. 

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan:  Sandler plays an ex Israeli special forces operative that just happens to like to feather hair and lay wood to all the ladies in the shop. 

Anger Management:  Probably one of his best movies, he has the chops to act with Jack Nicholson in this romantic comedy.  Now all together, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty.”  Gooooosefraba!

Happy Gilmore:  Probably his most defining role.  Sandler takes to the links to win his grandma’s house back.  Hijinks ensue has he takes the stuffiness out of the country club. 

50 First Dates:  Teams up with the girl everyone loves (Drew Barrymore)  in this romantic comedy about amnesia.  “I’m sorry I’m not better looking..” 

Reign Over Me:  Here’s one that shows Sandler’s serious side.  Set in Post 9/11 New York.  Sandler plays a surviving spouse trying to cope with the loss of his wife in the attacks.  One of his best drama works. 

The Wedding Singer:  “He’s losing his mind, and I’m reaping the benefits..”  Sandler and Barrymore team up for this look at 80’s culture and love.  Another one of his defining roles and probably one of his best romantic comedies.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry:  Sandler and Kevin James see just how deep friendship can go in this comedy.  Sandler really wants Jessica Biel.  And we don’t blame him one bit.