We found today on online a gentleman in search of self-help.  Help with ridding himself of the dreaded man boobs (Ummm… we need to stress the importance of checking out that last link).  Look, most men have them.  Some have A-cups, and some look like a bad Meatloaf reject from “Fight Club” sporting massive D-cups. 

Do you have some nice juicy boobies that make your lady friends jealous?  Do your friends grab them, make inappropriate comments & sport a slight chub when you’re around?  Apparently they say to fight them is not to do push-ups!  According to the article the best thing to fight the dreaded man boob is back rows and triceps work.  Aside from probably needing to lead a more healthy lifestyle and not eating so much crappy man food (PS don’t read the article about our latest caffeinated marshmallows find if this is you!).  Which then leads us to the age-old question?  Do I give up the chicken wings or do I lose the man boobs?  To sloth, or not to sloth… that is the ultimate Dante’s 7-Deadly sins question.  A question that is up to each and every one of you to decide.