From time to time we all find ourselves in the mood for a ridiculously over-frosted, soft, fluffy and silky little something devilish.  For us… this often comes in the form of a cupcake.  We spoke, not too long ago, about the awesome bro-tacular skills of the manly cupcake makers behind the Butch Bakery (Remember with us HERE) but today we’ve found a different kind of cupcake fantasy world… today we found The Cupcake Blog.  A very cool little spot in internet land where you can find very interesting ideas and takes on the worlds favorite handheld cake.

Stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey CupcakesYou can find things like the “Stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes” (no actual turkeys harmed in the making of these cupcakes), “Bloody Wound with Stitches Cupcake” & “Candied Apple Cupcake” just to name 3.  The recipes and ideas are seemingly endless… and the inspiration is limitless!!!  If you love desserts, and especially if you love baking, this is a must visit site for you!!!

Bon Appetit!