It’s not a sexy Presidential Election… hell, there aren’t even any scandalous propositions vying to alter the way of life as we know it… but June 3rd is an election day and you, my friend, need to exercise your right as an American and vote!

Let me ask you this… do you celebrate veterans on Veterans Day?  Do you remember the fallen warriors of this awesome Nation on Memorial Day?  Do you wave old glory proudly from the front of your home?  Do you bask in the glow of Fireworks every 4th of July and have fond memories of running through the streets with sparklers as a kid?  ALL of these wonderful traditions are in memory of these United States of America and the sacrifices our country has made for your inalienable rights and Freedom!  Freedom to live as you so desire… freedom to speak your mind… and most importantly, freedom to choose!

So, spend at least an hour during the next 4 days and Google the politicians running for seats in your area.  Read some literature (you know, that packet you got in the mail).  And most importantly, honor the thousands upon thousands of American’s who proudly gave their lives so that you (yes, YOU) can walk into a tiny little plastic booth and VOTE!!!Old Glory over the USS Arizona  Memorial edit