While this is not a new daily segment (I promise) I found a few more perfectly cut and magically lined-up little rows of your Hollywood Crack…Saturday Night Live: Saturday September 25 will be a night worthy of comedy!  SNL is keeping it in the family as “Parks & Rec” headliner Amy Poehler hosts the season opener.  But who ever will be the musical guest?  SMOKIN HOT Katy Perry is who!  Boom Baby!!!  I’m there.

Larry King: CNN’s premiere PrimeTime interviewer, Larry King, announced in June that he was strapping on his suspenders for the last time this December.  With the caliber of talent rolling through the studio, and legacy behind the program’s success, CNN was left needing to fill his bottle-cap glasses quickly.  Speculation was tossed everywhere as to who was taking over… and today it was announced, Piers Morgan is a manning the helm.  That’s right… that guy from “America’s Got Talent” & “The Apprentice” is taking over one of CNN’s most successful interview programs that has been alive and well thanks to Larry King for 25 years.  I’m very interested to see how this one pans out!  Morgan takes charge in Jan.

Natalie Portman: Is F*ing HOT!!!  No news to report… it just needs to be said!!!!!