This week seems to be brimming with lots and lots of wonderful Hollywood news!  From the silver screen to that Black&White thing still in your Grandma’s basement… we have filtered out the crap, and bring you the purest, most un-cut and raw little rows of perfected Hollywood Crack!

Big Love: After a super successful run, and currently in its 4th season… HBO has announced that season 5 will be the last for this acclaimed polygamy drama.  Wait… Big Love is still on?  After the first time I saw that dude’s ass from “Twister” I shut off the TV and threw it in the hotel pool.

Charlie’s Angels: There was a TV series… then some movies (with new Bosley’s)… now there’s a TV series again. broke the story yesterday that ABC is finally in the Pilot Production phase of a new Angels reboot.  I guess they were waiting to see if any of these other reboots would make the idea worthy… and with Hawaii 5-0 doing well they decided to pull the trigger.  Let’s put it this way… we really don’t give a damn.  The only way we’ll tune in is if the Angels are hooooot… and the action is big, make those two things happen and we are there!

Eric McCormack: He was quirky, neurotic and stylish in “Will & Grace”… he was quirky, neurotic and stylish in the short-lived (but awesome) “Trust Me”… now he’ll play a quirky, neurotic, stylish and brilliant neuroscientist in TNT’s “Perception”.  He’ll play a doctor who helps the FBI do things that only a crazy smart eccentric guy can do (“Bones”?, “Eleventh Hour”?, “Monk”?).  “Will & Grace” was funny… and “Trust Me” was very well written and acted, McCormack’s involvement does lend it a certain amount of intrigue.  Also, I really do wonder if he just keeps getting type-cast because he really a quirky, neurotic and stylish Hollywood actor? (thanks

World Series: While, yes, this is a sports story… it’s also a TV one.  In was has essentially tied with the 2nd lowest rated World Series Opener EVER… the Texas vs. San Fran series is likely to be one of the worst in MLB history.  Why?  Maybe because nobody gives a rats ass!!!  Okay, if you’re a Giants fan I apologize… wait, no I don’t… you suck!!!  And if you’re a Rangers fan… well, nobody is so this doesn’t really matter.  All-in-all… this series is freakin lame and I can’t wait for it to be over so there can be something interesting on network television!

Oprah: In an ultimate power-play… the queen of everything, Oprah, has completely banned the word “Bitch” from her entire cable network OWN (kicking off in January).  Also, she has banned the word… and the showing of… penises in her life.

That’s your Hollywood Crack people… there’s no rehab or Betty Ford for what we toss at you, so just sit back and soak it all in.  Catch ya next time!