Ok… that has possible negative affiliation.  No, I am not saying we’re a wanna-be-almost-kinda-cool place with mediocre hand-me-down hookers and a fairly decent cheap Prime Rib.  What I am saying is that since our inception all those years ago… we’re incredibly close to hitting huge milestone.  Our 200,000th reader!!!

That’s right… 196,562 readers have found our little home-away-from home here at theWGUB and stuck around to edumicate demselves on the ways of live.  Oh yeah… the Reno correlation?  The population of Reno, Nevada USA is 196,117.  Meaning… more people love us than live in Reno (and every town smaller than that!!!)

Is this a legit bragging right?  F’ no.  But who cares… we’re the White Glossy Mutha-f’ing Underground Board and we make stuff up to brag about around here.  To make this whole thing even more pompous… here’s a pic of our card in downtown Reno: IMG_6162(Want to relive our 1st post just for fun?  Click HERE)