Have you been itching to give Hulu a chance but your $15+/month Netflix account and the cable bill (you haven’t had the nut-sack to drop yet) are the absolute most you want to spend?  Yeah… I feel ya’.  I’ve picked-up and dropped Hulu Plus a few times over the past couple of years… but not because it wasn’t a valuable asset to my entertainment fix, it was just $8/month that seemed a little excessive considering what I already had.

Well, Hulu wants to prove it’s worth… and it’s going to try doing it with 2 Months of FREE Service!!!!  Yup… I just said 2 MONTHS FREE!!  That’s the entire rest of the summer for you (or your bored teenager sitting at home binge-eating through every last remnant of food in your kitchen) to kick back and watch a ton of shows you missed, movies you love and maybe even catch-up on a few things you forgot all about.

2 MONTHS FREE!!!  Thank you Hulu… I will partake in your awesomesauce.  All of you who are interested as well… simply GO HERE (Sadly… only for new subscribers.  If you are new to Hulu Plus and having a hard time getting the deal, don’t forget to log-out of your existing HuluBasic account.  That might make a difference.)