I consider myself the occasional garage tinkerer and brain-trust for new ideas to creating a better life.  Shoot, I even felt so strongly about an invention idea once that I drew up specs and took it to one of those invention submission idea places.  Then the harsh reality of the shady American way sunk in and I realized that all those places are is some sleazy attempt to get money out of people with a dream.  So… I packet away my ideas, threw away my inventors jacket and decided that my ideas would stay just that… ideas.

Today I ran across something different.  Something that could quite possibly spark the long dormant creative genius longing to get out in many of us.  Today I found Inventionbuy.com!!  An Ebay-esque type of site that allows the public to either sell or buy an idea (or possibly full-blown creation) at their leisure.  Can all of the inventors out there get an A-Men!?!?!?  Describing themselves as:

Buy & Sell Invention without success fees

Inventionbuy, a place to buy and sell inventions with no success fees for buyers or sellers

As a place to sell or buy inventions, Patents , Transfer Technology we believe our users deserve nothing but the best protection and security to do business. Our verification system makes inventionbuy.com a safe place to buy and sell online.

I spent a few minutes perusing through the idea bank and while some of the stuff is “interesting”, a great deal of it could easily and successfully be put into real-world use.  I’m stoked and you should be too!  That whosit or whatsit you pick up in the store a year from now to successfully perform a one-handed banana peel may just have come about thanks to inventionbuy.com!