It’s the 31st… creeping into the afternoon… and most of you are bored to death!!!  I mean come-on, the year is over, almost all of your vacation time is either spent or going to be used up soon, the coffee has officially worn off… and you are b-o-r-e-d!!!  By now I’m sure you’ve gone waaaaaaayyyyyy back and read all of our amazing posts and you need something to do.  Well, did you know that Apple is not just known for their super-awesome-cool technology???  They also have tons of bitchen Movie Trailers!!!  The latest and the greatest movies getting ready to hit the cinema hard, for your gloriously-time-wasting pleasure.  All neatly stacked together for you to see in huge panoramic HD screens (if your bandwidth can handle it).  Now you know… so finish reading a few things on the WGUB, then go check it out HERE.