Remember when Teri Hatcher used to play the sexiest of Lois Lanes back during the Dean Cain powered Superman series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”?  Well, Hollywood is a lot of things… but apparently wasteful isn’t one of them.  It was just announced that Miss Hatcher will be tweaking her previous role just slightly by playing the part of Ella Lane… Lois’ Mom on Smallville this season!

For those of you who are true Smallvilleaholics you know that, yes, Lois’ Mom is dead.  Well, the plot-lines call out that Lois finds videotapes of her mother… the rest, I’m sure, goes without saying.

So, Hatcher back in the S-man game… while it’s a very big likelihood that I won’t tune-in to check this out, I’m a big fan of her stuff… and think she’ll be a great leg up for Smallville’s final season.

Up… up… and Away!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the heads-up HERE