I think our title is true for 80% of the Americans out there dealing with leaves all over their front yard right now (the other 20% are the weird desert people).  I remember, as a kid, spending hours and hours raking and bagging… raking and bagging… hating every last damn minute of it.  Well, we just wouldn’t be the WGUB if we weren’t always looking for ways to make your lives a little easier, and today is no different. Introducing the EZ Leaf Hauler ($35), described by the people at Plowhearth.com as:

Cleanup’s a breeze with this giant dustpan for leaves. Made of rugged woven polyester stretched on fiberglass rods, it’s easy to load and holds five times as much as a wheelbarrow.

The raised sides keep leaves contained, ground stakes secure it in place, and handles help you drag the load away. Folds flat for storage.

6′ x 4’W

We can really see how this cleaver invention would make any day of pesky leaf collecting quite a bit easier.  Hell, throw on some pads… your team jersey… and strap a hockey stick to your rake and you can imagine your one shot away from a hat-trick.


Also, from the same brilliant people… we bring you Bear Claw Scoops ($15), a fun way to get other family member involved in the yard-time fun under the guise that they can feel what it’s like to be Tony Robbins (I imagine a hand-shake with that guy something like grabbing a bushel of bananas).  Described by Plowhearth as:

Certain yard and garden chores call for the extra large gathering capacity of our Bear Claw Scoops. A super efficient way to clean up fall leaves, grass clippings and other lawn debris. Unbreakable plastic.


These seem like fun little add-ons for any yard task.  Also, I imagine these could be used to tread serious water in case of a boating accident… or slap the bejesus out of any lame door-to-door salesman.


Another great tool from these incredibly creative people is the Rolling Leaf Sweeper ($150).  Toss that damn rake out and pick up this little beauty for the easiest, most convenience way to snatch up those little flakes of what was once beautiful shade producing wonder.  It’s as green as it can be with your sweat being the only emissions… and totally adjustable to your level of pick-up needed.  Here’s what they had to say:

Gather leaves while strolling through your yard and eliminate the noise and emissions associated with gas or electric leaf blowers.

This rolling leaf sweeper has a 24″ swath that adjusts to pick up foliage from your lawn or driveway, gathering leaves in a heavy-duty nylon bag attached to the wrought-iron frame. Assembly required.

44″L x 30-3/4″W x 31-3/4″H


There you have it… 3 fairly inexpensive ways for your yard work to be less painful, and a bit more fun.  When you call them up to place your order make sure to tell them the White Glossy Underground Board sent ya!!  Not because you’ll get a deal… I just think it would be funny.  PEACE!!!!