We know, we know.  Many things have been dubbed the iPad killer.  While we won’t go as far as that with the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, we might go as far as saying it will be the only tablet out there that might be able to take on the iPad.

No prices or release date is set for the Surface, but early betting puts it as comparable to like tablets on the market and a release date in the fall of 2012.  What could be comparable in specs to this new tablet?  One can only think that it would be the iPad, so look for prices to mirror that of Apple’s product.  Although if Microsoft is smart, it would pull a page from Amazon and severely undercut or subsidize the price of the Surface to eat into the market share currently held by Apple.


About the coolest feature of the Surface might lie in its case.  The case, with integrated touch sensitive keyboard might be a game changer for those of use that have monster hands and have trouble typing on a touch screen.  True, there are a whole mess of Apple themed cases that can do the same task, so in the end it may boil down to brand loyalty for many users.

Check out the specs, for now there will be two models.  A full on Windows 8 monster and a version that runs Windows RT, which is a more slimmed down on the go version.  More info as it comes, and you know it will be plentiful.