I know this isn’t a new one… but it was on my Netflix queue and I just got around to watching it.  It hit theaters right around the same time as “Knight & Day” (which I also missed)… and while reviewing the plot-line, it seemed to be fairly similar.

“Killers” Streamlined Plot – Couple meet in exotic locale, fall in love, 3 years later husband’s past as a Government spook comes back to haunt him, boom boom, bang bang, couple loves each other more, end credits.  The sentence I wrote may very likely be more exciting than the actual movie, should you decide to waste 93 minutes of your life.  Tom Selleck’s mustache does make a cameo (and is recognized)… however, Tom Selleck’s ability to act must have stayed on the ranch.  I will admit, the first 10-12 minutes had me mildly intrigued… but then this movie took a bad turn and I was gone.  A half chuckle here-and-there was about all it was good for.  Even the nicely performed fight scenes were bland.

It’s was kinda like watching “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” but with horribly acting (I’d say actors… but they’re all good in other movies), bad plot, holes in the storyline, and a complete disregard for the fact that people are now 93 minutes closer to dying.  It wasn’t even worth the postage Netflix paid to send it to me.  In fact, the movie studio owes them at least $.90 for shipping.

Final word: I would have boo’ed this movie in the theater… if I stayed to even watch the whole thing.  Big sad-face at Lionsgate.