The Hollywood smargasboard of yummy goodness how been overflowing this week… movie premieres… murder… and bankruptcies.  We’ve been sharing and sharing with all of you lovely WGUBers, and now the week is at its end.  We hope you enjoyed the last 5 days as they whizzed by!!!  We have a few more tidbits ripe for the picking… so roll up your dollar bill and let’s stack up some gloriously perfect lines of everybody’s favorite Hollywood Crack:

Medium: After 7 years of dreaming the impossible dream little Miss Allison Dubois finally has a reason to get a good night’s sleep.  She’s been cancelled.  Meaning… she won’t have a reason to see creepy ghosts slaughtering people and stuff.  Okay, that didn’t come out quite right… but you get the point.  CBS rescued “Medium” after the psychic dreamer was given the kiss of death by NBC.  Guess one more year is better than nothing.  Question: has any show cancelled by a network… and rescued by another… ever been successful?  Just curious.

Red Riding Hood: Remember that little girl who was taking her basket of goodies to Grandmas and was almost trapped by a sneaky wolf?  Well, take that story… instead of a wolf make it a werewolf… make Red Riding hood Amanda Seyfried… toss it back into an old-school remote village… and put a little gothic “Twilight” vibe into it.  Now you have “Red Riding Hood” conceived by Leonardo DiCaprio, made by his movie house Appian Way and directed by the original “Twilight” Director Catherine Hardwicke.


Saturday Night Live: The other night a bunch of us were sitting around and the comment came up “Why is it we always see hilarious SNL skits online… but when we watch the full show it IT SUCKS!!!”  Good question!  One that I often think to myself as well.  NBC has made some pretty major talent changes this season… and I’ve heard some pretty good things.  Now they are pulling out some big guns in the guest department.  In just the month of December we’re going to see Robert De Niro,Paul Rudd and Jeff Bridges and musical guests Paul McMarthy and Eminem w/ Lil Wayne .  Guess we’re not the only ones with those sucky thoughts.

Spiderman: The big Hollywood reboot is coming on strong… and who is the new actor signed on to the big budget flick?  You’ll never guess.  Okay try.  No really… try.  Give up?  Denis Freakin Leary!!!  Yeah… I never would have guessed that one either.  He is in negotiations to play the police captain father of Emma Stone, Peter Parkers love interest in the show.  Never would have pegged him in a super-hero movie… but with his dynamic personality and intense presence, I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t happened  already.

Paranormal Activity 3:  Paramount pictures announces that it will be doing #3 with the Paranormal Activity franchise.  The movies, which have made over 330 million dollars are an easy sell for those that love to be scared.  They are low-budget, but intense.  You can catch Paranormal Activity on Netflix Instant now and Paranormal Activity 2 might still be in your local theater.  Check out our review here.  The third installment is due out in October of 2011.