I’ve tried the local coffee house’s “fantasmic brewhaha” again and again attempting very hard to support my local biz owner.  However, when it comes to waking my ass up every morning… and doing it both efficiently and with good flavor, I keep finding myself drawn back to the greatest American staple since you could stand on the roof of one Taco Bell and see the next one off in the distance.  I’m talkin about Starbucks people!!!  It’s funny how we often scowl in the face of successful corporate business in favor of “the local guy”, because that successful corporate business was once the local guy who had a good business plan, a little bit of luck, and kept pushing forward.

The point of today’s blog is this… my daily coffee routine (again, Starbucks) just announced that they are on the tail end of a 5yr promise to rebuild the gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina.  What kind of promise you ask?  Great Question… a 5 year, $5 Million promise!!!  To-date they are $4.6 million in.  How are they donating you ask?  Another great question!  They are giving it to non-profits dedicated to rebuilding both physically and economically.

What was that?  Oh, your local coffee hole-in-the-wall doesn’t do that?  Bummer!  My suggestion… Make it a Vente with an add-shot in the name of homeless people everywhere.  Some of them are probably hanging around in front of Starbucks begging for your loose change anyway.

For the complete Corporate Press Release… go HERE